¡á Tour in Seoul

¢º It provides various tour information and cultural event such as
famous place, sightseeing, shopping, performance, eat of Seoul

¡á COEX mall

¢º You will have pleasure to select various things such as hopping, eat,
theater, aquaroom and night club from the best amusement facility in Korea.

¡á Lotte World

¢º Lotte World is the biggest indoor theme park in the world and has considered as world famous theme park with ¡®Disneyland¡¯ in U.S and Japan. Lotte World has reputation as not only Korean¡¯s favorite theme park but also world famous place.

¡á Dongdaemun market

¢º It is the biggest clothing place which has 30 merchant market, 30,000
stores which deals with the completed, clothes, cloth, raw material.