Hello! Welcome to webpage of Hotel Dynasty.
We provide convenience and comfort like home as a resting place of successful business. Geographical location good for business and customer considering
service will be a ring part of successful business.

Our achievement and ability are made from customerí»s concern and our staffs.
We will provide distinguished service based on our own service philosophy with
new and unique goods. We will make an continuous effort to provide satisfiable service which is distinguishing and amazing. As a business-best hotel and the
most satisfiable hotel, we swear that we will serve each of customers as a distinguished guest.

Ií»m really happy to meet more customers through internet homepage which has innovationa l function and excellent design concept. I want to have conversation
with you customer directly using enhanced customer attending program.And I
promise that we will provide more gladness and satisfaction with not only various
events, programs but also information and service that you need.

Thank you.

.....................................................Chief Manager of Hotel Dynasty, Park, Su Sung.